airline, tourism & hospitality management Programs

program Name Duration Max. Duration Eligibilty
DATHM 1 Year 2 Year 10+2 in any stream or equivalent
B.A.ATHM 3 Year 6 Year 10+2 in any stream or equivalent

Diploma in Airline,Tourism Management (DATHM)

This course is meant for the people who like to Take care of people. The liberation of the Indian skies has thrown open a lot of job opportunities in this field. The job entails performing safety and service duties which ensure that air travellers are flying in a safe environment, whilst receiving excellent standards of friendly service
India has come a long way from 1995 when the Indian Government owned two airlines, and private companies owned six airlines. With privatization and foreign collaboration increasing every day the future in airline industry is bright. Most International as well as domestic Airline offices are looking to increasing their fleet and, as a flight attendant you will have a fun and exciting career that other people envy – getting paid to travel. Imagine flying to Europe, Asia Australia, Africa, US or the Caribbean. Even if you work as a flight attendant for an airline you and your family may qualify for amazing Entry level positions with an Air of these positions involve extensive customer service contact requiring strong interpersonal and communication skills. No previous experience is required, although you may be required to work.

Duration of DATHM Course: Two Years (2 Semesters)
Eligibility forDATHM Course: 10 + 2 (in any stream)

BSc HNT Course Structure

Sem I Sem II
Basics Of Tourism Toursim Product & Services Part-II
Toursim Product & Services Part-I Tourism Industry Profile
Basics Of Management & Its Application Tourism Management
Geography Of Tourism (India) Part-I Geography Of Tourism
Customer Care & Interpersonal Skills-I Human Resource Management


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